Friday, November 8, 2013

Yarn Take Over

Yarn is taking over my life. I have more projects than time. With Christmas fast approaching, my mind is in a knitting/crocheting ADD whirl.
This week, while crocheting at Panera, a lady came up and started talking to me. She told me about this houndstooth scarf that she had made. Thanks to technology, I saw a photo of it and I just had to make it. This is in spite of having  a hat to finish, and one to make, plus a nativity set that I would like to make before Christmas. So I picked up the yarn I needed and got it started last night. It is a really cool effect and not difficult to make at all.
Hounds Tooth Scarf

Here is my start.
This reminds me of tapestry crochet that I learned about from Carol Ventura in an online video, in that you carry the yarn along under the work. Here is a video showing some of her work. To me it is fascinating to see how many different things can be done with a crochet hook


  1. a nativity set???? I want to make one of those!!!!

    1. The ones I have seen are crocheted so you need that crochet lesson.

    2. there is an old knit nativity out there. there are more crocheted versions. love this. I have the patterns. I have the yarn. now for the time

  2. I am most interested in crocheting the nativity because I think it goes faster, even though I think of myself as more of a knitter. I have been enjoying the amigurumi creations lately.